Small business blogs bring 55% more website and social media visitors to a business’ website than those without one.1 Blogs and articles are a great way to brand yourself, have a purpose and be a helpful resource to your current and potential customers.

Benefits and tips for writing a successful blog:

  • Shows Expertise in Your Field

  • Adds Value to Social Media

  • Increases Traffic and Followers

  • Builds Keyword-Driven Content

Show Expertise in Your Field

Brand yourself as an expert. Well, you may think, “Am I an expert? I sure don’t know everything.” So, let’s think about this. An expert is someone who is curious, continuously learning, and is good at identifying and solving problems. So, as you share information about current industry developments, and interesting problems you’ve recently solved, you are building trust in your brand and your reputation as an expert in your field.

Blog articles don’t need to be perfect. They need to be current, easy to read, and leave your reader with some helpful resources to remember your business.

Add Value to Social Media

Social media users value word-of-mouth, others’ opinions, and the ease of sharing knowledge and referrals within a trusted group. However, there are a lot of advertisements that feel like click-bait, meaning they draw you in and then ask for your email, a credit card number, or lead to an article that isn’t accessible. This is where the company loses its value and credibility. Stand out from the others by adding value and sharing knowledge and your experience that leads the reader to your website.

The average time a reader spends on a webpage is less than a minute, so it’s important to have an excerpt that summarizes your article with some keywords and description of what need or problem the article will solve. Then, link the social media post back to the blog on your website for further reading and a link to your newsletter sign up or contact form.

Increase Traffic and Followers

Pay close attention to the content that your readers are responding to on your website. This will help increase traffic and followers and continually build the number of people who find your business, access your advice, and may even refer your services to their family and friends. It takes time, but consistently updating the blog on your website and sharing it on social media helps you achieve recognition and makes it easier for current and potential customers to find you online.

Build Keyword-Driven Content

Blog posts are typically 350-500 words. While a higher word count helps Google better understand your content, it’s also important to focus on keywords and takeaway points that are easy for your reader to skim through quickly. Break your article into readable “chunks” that include subtitles and  keywords related to the need or solutions you’re addressing. The length and keywords will optimize the content and rank your website.  Search engine optimization (SEO) allows Google to find your website and rank it, which in turn increases the number of people who will find your business.

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