[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”You’ve been selected for a free $1000 Walmart Giftcard!
Enter the code “free” at www.walmart.comwmrt.biz to get it now.
Only 112 left! Text Out to stop.[/quote]

It’s early in the morning I just pored my coffee as I read my text from my dear and close friend Walmart. Oh, I think, this must be a new advertising gimic, Cool! Lets see with the advertising guru is doing.

I go to my computer and type in Walmart.com.wmrt.biz . Looks legit, it’s using Walmart.com… must be real!

Get a  1 000 Walmart Gift Card

Up pops the form tellling me to hurry and enter the code I received on my phone.

I dismiss my instincts with They must be using my info from the store to get my cell phone number so it’s probably ok.

I don’t ever do these but …. it’s Walmart.com!

I obay the instructions and enter the code and click continue.

Sargent Anti Virus slaps me with a dummy sign “Threat was blocked! – Exploit Facebook Scam (type 1926)”

Duhh !!!

After thanking Sargent Anti-Virus, blaming the lack of coffee and realizing how close I was to having a disaster on my hands, I did a little research. I discovered that this is an “old scam” .

OLD ?!?

Sargent “Anti Virus” explains:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

AVG Threat Labs Statistics Summary

Facebook Scam is a Webthreat that is spreading.
It is currently ranked 3 in the world for online threats.
Facebook Scam has been detected by AVG on victims’ machines in
194 countries during the last month.
There are currently 1342 websites in 47 countries that host Facebook Scam.[/quote]

Moral of the Story

Even when your bleary eyed – even when’s it’s Walmart.com … Don’t!

Stay out of trouble and let me know if I can help.

Compliments of,

Denise Wauters Johnson

Denise (Wauters) Johnson