Linda Ikes Marketing Assistant Paradise Web

Linda Ikes

Marketing Assistant


BS, MA – Western Michigan University

Interviewer, writer and media relations

Fundraising, Grant Writing, Event Planning

Build a plan to increase sales, donations, and public image of our clients

Winning Strategy: Schedule it, Test it, follow-through, and follow-up!


The weirdest thing on my desk is…
A sewing kit, I mean really what can you sew with this?

If I could be an animal it would be a…
A spoiled one ;)

My favorite cartoon character is…
Bugs Bunny, but I secretly want Jane Jetson’s life

The 3 words that describe me best are…
A hard worker, a planner, and a friend

On Saturday you will find me…
Social distancing and wearing a mask

In high school I was…
A rockin’ and rollin’

I am totally addicted to…
Coffee and exercise

My nickname is…
According to my Mom, it was Loulie-bird

If I were a superhero my superpower would be…
To travel in time

Kalamazoo, MI – Yes! There really is a Kalamazoo.