You wouldn’t expect to fit thousands of customers into your store if it were the size of a broom closet. The same goes for your business website.

While storefronts are empty, your website traffic may be picking up at rates you’ve never seen. Is your website ready to support this influx in traffic?

Avoid the white screen of death.

Pay attention to load times. When a website takes on more traffic than usual it can often time out, showing visitors a white screen or pages that appear distorted.

If this is happening to you, reach out to your service provider and make sure your current hosting package can support your traffic if it doubles or triples in the next few weeks.

Identify your traffic at different times of the day.

Determine what hosting package works best for you by identifying the new influx if traffic on your website. It’s important to run these tests at different times of the day, on different devices – website traffic at 6am can look at lot different than 9am.

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