Your business is starting to become REAL!

Now you’re faced with the overwhelming task of actually reaching your potential customers or clients. You might be thinking, “What should my first step be to market my new business?”

We’ve got you covered. Ask yourself these questions to get started, and reach out to us if you need some help.

What does my audience need?

Marketing is most effective when it addresses a real problem. Brainstorm what benefits someone will get from your product or service, and create focused ads around those topics.

Who is my audience?

First, imagine those most in need of your business, and think about who they are, where they are, and what they’re doing. Filter down your target audience to focus on these specific groups.

To reach individuals, think about their demographics and interests. For companies, determine the type and size of the companies.

Then figure out if it makes the most sense to advertise to them locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Where is my audience?

Research where to best reach your target audience.

Find out which media and social media platforms they prefer, what kind of events they attend, whether they travel a lot.

With this information, you can decide where to run ads, what events to promote at, and how wide you cast your net.

How do I narrow down the marketing options?

Become present in the location your audience likely hangs out at the most, and track the results. Then experiment with the next most likely place they will be, and keep tracking.

Notice trends, and think about how you can adjust your plan to align with what’s trending.

Start with a limited budget, and target a narrowly defined audience. This approach will help keep your ROI up.

Include a single call to action to tell your audience what exactly you want them to do next (shop now, contact us, get a quote, etc.).

Be super responsive to the people who respond to your offerings.

Send a link to your Google reviews page, and ask clients or customers to review you. Word of mouth is always the best marketing for your efforts.

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