I just received an email from my son’s high school that went out to all the senior students. Obviously the secretary was trying to be helpful and the info that she sent was…But she broke the cardinal rule: Protect your email list. Every email address she sent the notice to was displayed for all to see. This is a dream for a pirate! All they have to do is copy and paste and the email address are theirs.  Next thing you know your contacts are receiving unwanted emails and it’s your fault.

Here’s how to avoid breaking the cardinal rule of giving away your contact’s email address:

When you add email address to your email put them all in the “BCC:” field. This is the Blind Carbon Copy. Each recipient will get a copy with only their personal email address displayed. Foiling the dreaded pirates! Your a hero!

Your email contact’s send their gratitude!

Let me know if I can help.

Compliments of,

Denise Wauters Johnson

Denise (Wauters) Johnson