Jessica Frank

Design Assistant

Jessica Frank assists with web design, development and maintenance. She enjoys the creative aspects of  graphic design for the web and print and has a passion for the psychology behind marketing. As a senior at the University of Central Florida, Jessica is studying Sociology and Behavioral Forensics.


  • Psychology Major
  • Sociology Minor
  • Behavioral Forensics Certificate
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • 5+ years in customer service and management
  • Dean’s List 4 Consecutive Years
  • Presidential Honor Roll

The weirdest thing on my desk is …

my betta fish Milo sits in his tank on my desk shelf

If I could be an animal it would be a ….

baby African elephant

My favorite cartoon character is …

Spongebob. The iconic quotes are often used between my roommates and I

The 3 words that describe me best are …

optimistic, silly, and kind-hearted

On Saturday you will find me …

tailgating at a UCF football game (Go Knights!)

In high school I was ….

accidentally prom queen for 15 minutes

I am totally addicted to ….

my old school paper planner

My nickname is…

depends who you ask. Cuppy, Jellybean, and JessJess mainly

If I were a superhero my superpower would be ….

 teleportation and ability to be invisible


Naples, Florida