Back-ups, Updates, and Security

When it’s time to “Renew” your back-up, anti-virus, and update solutions, we’ve enhanced the way we manage our web solutions to ensure your website’s security and functionality.

Note: Due to the intensified efforts of the worlds hackers we have had to add new hosting level protective elements and practices to our services to keep you safe.

New GoDaddy fees: 

  • SSL Certificate ($56 annually) adds an encryption that keeps personal information safe from hackers.
  • SiteLock ($84 annually) is a file change monitor at the hosting level. It reverts any malicious file changes back to the original state. It checks for vulnerabilities against an the most current hosting level attackers list.


Wordpress Complete Solution
  • Includes:
    Backup Solutions
    Update Solutions
    Anti-Virus Solution


Wordpress Backup Solution
  • Routinely created backups of your complete site, including plugins, are safely stored off-site. Making hacker attacks easier to recover from.

    Offsite storage included.


Wordpress Update Solutions
  • Ongoing monitoring and instillation of updates to your WordPress and plugins to deter malicious attacks.

    Correcting update conflicts is billable.


Wordpress Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Implementation of the latest security measures and continuous monitoring to deter hackers and keep your website and visitors safe.

    Up-time not Guaranteed .