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Havana Cafe’ of the Everglades

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Project Description

Project Brief

Havana Cafe’ came to us for help with updating their look and marketing strategies. Working closely with owner Dulce Valdez, we conducted a review of their website, social media, and outreach.

We found that their marketing initiatives needed consolidation and a “plan,” the website needed improved navigation, photography and to tell their story.  We proposed a multi-phase plan to update the tools and the marketing plan for the Havana Cafe’ of the Everglades.

First, a modern, user-friendly and mobile-ready website was built, havanacafeoftheeverglades.com  With new photography taken by Denise Wauters, their delicious menu items and popular tropical ambiance is beautifully showcased and exudes the feeling of old Havana.  The story of their family-owned restaurant with home-cooked Cuban food is now told with detail.

Next, we will address Havana Cafe’s online presence and marketing needs. Havana Cafe’ is a destination restaurant known for day trips to escape the city, and a gem hidden in the Everglades. This calls for front and center online marketing. Social media sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook are vital to reach and maintain engagement with this mobile audience.

Contact forms and social media were added to the website to accomplish building and maintenance of a mailing list. Phase 3 of the marketing plan will include a newsletter, on-going social media interaction with followers, outreach to attract seasonal employees.

Photography of Havana Cafe by Paradise Web Denise Wauters
Copywriting for Havana Cafe by Paradise Web

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Dulce Valdez, Havana Cafe of the Everglades


Social Media

Havana Cafe Website by Paradise Web


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